Good communication

December 20, 2023

Really liked her


Clean and Classy. Would Recommend

October 20, 2023

Scheduled an hour with Tracey. She’s an attractive lady. She’s sexy, curvy, has an athletic body and well spoken. Well spoken. Looks like someone you could actually date real life. She has a pleasant easy going personality like Silk back in the day. Enjoyed bbfs in her gfe experience. She’s clean af and I’m not even exaggerating. I’ll repeat. Definitely recommend.


A total GF ! Sweet and Honest

August 14, 2023

Just had my second date with Tracey. Had her GFE package last few days and I thought I had to drop a review. She is still the same adorable milf lady I have known for the last few years. If you’ve enjoyed her companionship before, you know what I mean. She is a total GF , sweet, sincere. You name it. I personally think she has a gorgeous face and her breasts are still as full and firm as before. A great experience overall. I’ll hide my details for privacy. Thanks


Beautiful and Skillful

July 17, 2023

So I saw Tracey White for the first time recently. She greeted me as she was sitting on her couch in pajama pants and a t-shirt. Kind of a lackluster impression in my opinion. But things soon got much better as she switched to a hot lingerie. Tracey has a sexy body and her GFE is on point.. Her BBBJ is really good with lots of eye contact and spit; she was such a beauty to watch. Cowgirl was excellent and then I opted for CIM finale. Overall a great time and she’s very intelligent and fun to chat with. So, at 400 per hour gfe is she worth it? That’s what a lot of guys are questioning. Here’s my take. Would I rather spend 500 with her or 250 for 2 other girls at separate times? I’d def take Caitlein again sorry, not sorry


Too many rules, but great experience overall

July 2, 2023

She is real and curvy. Very pretty too. Saw her before. She has a lot of rules but looks 100% her ad. Also had a hot lingerie on both times I saw her. She made a joke about being the Queen of lingeries. Cost was a little on the high side but worth it. Definitely a high-end escort. Would repeat 100%. 4 stars for Caitlein; Please try to make your policy less rigid


Excellent Service; But Impolite!

June 28, 2023

She got to me an hour later than what we agreed and wouldn’t even apologize about it. She’s cocky and wouldn’t be flexible with rules. Her pussy is tight and got a grip that I’ve never had anywhere else and her blowjob skills are out of this world but service felt rushed and I dislike her attitude, that’s an uncool first impression. I’ve seen people say she’s friendly and stuff, but I don’t second that sorry. She’s rude but makes up for it with her pussy, Still 3 stars sorry.


Response from TRACEY THE MILF

?? I was nothing but respectful throughout our date Antonio, we had a booking delay which was a problem from your end. I told you we should postpone till evening as I wasn’t really in a good mood and wanted to give you the best experience despite your shortcomings, but you insisted. We both know I still did quite alright. Still, I apologize and hope to make it up to you next time

Best so far !

March 15, 2023

Quick report on my time with Tracey. First of all, she’s very easy to communicate with and drama-free: two huge pluses. Our initial contact was by email with subsequent exchanges and directions given via text.. No parking hassles or lurking weirdos; Tracey answered the door freshly showered and greeted me with a big hug. Tracey’s appearance is like the photos from her ad.. We started making out before she dropped to her knees and began some of the best BBBJ I’ve experienced in a long time. Could easily have finished that way, but wanted to experience her doggy. Escorting is a side gig for Tracey but she genuinely gets into the action and wants her low volume customers to leave happy, satisfied. Priced reasonably


Perfect! But hard to book

November 3, 2022

I saw her again this week. Absolutely beautiful. Pics do her no justice. Tracey is more beautiful than her pictures. Her oral skills up there with the best of them. Info for you guys: She is hard to get a hold of because she has a life outside of our hobby keep trying, schedule ahead if possible I got super lucky as I think she had a cancelation. She is limited on what days she can see us (it varies too) and she is trying to stay low volume and low key. Nice classy and safe in call. Treat her right and maybe just maybe we can keep her around for a bit. I’m a regular btw.


Genuine service but a lot of rules

October 20, 2022

I recently met with this gem. We met in a safe private location. She’s the exact person in the ad and her body is the best I ever paid for in the US, granted I don’t do this often, she should probably be in the top 3. She was so fucking classy and was in a gown… I’m an ass man which probably makes me a little bias but her tits were extremely nice too.


Had maximum fun

August 11, 2022

I love her. I totally enjoyed my time with her. Straight to the point and very straightforward. No games. She is not cunny like others I’ve encountered. Except she isn’t always free. I saw her once and wanted to see her again. And it’s been really hard since then. Guess she’s so busy and booked . But try your luck tho. I’ve seen her Ads on EA, BP and STG


Total Sweetheart; Great companion

June 25, 2022

Got a message from Tracey that she will me back in town the 4th. Say all you want about her she is still one of the good ones. One of the best. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with her. If I had to complain about anything is that she is a big talker/her rates. But she makes up for it. Last time I was there we talked for a good 15 minutes before we got down to business. Doesn’t count with your time tho, but I guess that’s only in the Tracey experience package.. She’s a sweetheart though. I enjoy her company all round.


Tracey's the real deal. SUPERB SERVICE!

June 9, 2022

Nothing much to say. I doubted her at first cos I’ve been scammed a few time times. But she was convincing I guess. So decided to give her a chance. She accepts payment upfront so of course, I was skeptical. That’s the only con about her service if you ask me, I mean almost all top escorts do bookings first but you never know who to trust in this online space. But there’s lot of pros about her trust me. The service was superb. I’ve been with about 4 escorts but my time with Tracey was like no other. She’s definitely different from the rest, I’m sure you’ll feel that way when talking to her, I did.


NO BS, 5 star provider

April 6, 2022

She is a lot of fun if you can pin her down for an evening. We spent a night together a few months ago and I’ve been trying to get together again from time to time since. She likes to party but doesn’t have to. She gets wet easily which I’m sure every guy likes , she’s the perfect gf . I hoped we would get together again but my try’s have been unsuccessful so far. I’ll keep trying, she is a great lady. Treat her well gentlemen. Tracey is def a 10


Top Service

February 16, 2020

So I’m relatively new to the game, I’ve only really dipped my toes into AMP. The selection for that is so limited though so I’ve been trying to get into the escort game. I was nervous. I had a reliable report from a man with some good taste so fuck it why not. She answered Tracey is an absolute sweetheart! I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with her. By the way I’ve done both of her services and I can tell you the GFE is way better